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Everyone — including the youngest child — can join God’s mission in the world! Help preschoolers and children begin the journey with CBF’s missions education resources, which take seriously Jesus’command to love God and love neighbor. After months of surveys and suggestions from teachers, CBF introduces its re-designed bestselling resources, FormTM and SparkTM. These resources feature the same quality of writing, variety of activities and diversity of topics you’ve come to expect plus much more.

CBF missional formation resources now include:

  • more biblical teaching
  • greater variety of activities
  • additional help for teachers
  • additional images and videos for each unit
  • resource kit included in your price
  • improved session preparation materials and missional focus information
  • more activities with less prep time

What's new for preschoolers?

 FormTM is designed to teach preschoolers about missions and the missional life by engaging all 5 senses through experiential learning.

New for Form starting August 2012: 

  • clearly demonstrated missional theme throughout each unit
  • activities that tie into a central biblical story
  • additional options for older and younger preschoolers
  • icons to help you easily navigate between the six learning centers
  • learning center activities using more technology, math, language, and science

Form also includes resource kit with color pictures, color item pages and reproducible pages organized to make teaching easier.

What's new for children?

SparkTM is designed to teach elementary-aged children about missions and the missional life through experiential learning and mission engagement.

New for Spark starting August 2012:

  • missional themes that relate to Bible stories for each session
  • icons show activity type and time suggestions at-a-glance
  • greater variety of activities in each session
  • new session activity plans
  • clearly designated activities for older and younger children
  • more flexibility to choose activities that fit your group
  • bi-monthly mission projects with easy to follow steps, benchmark activities, and progress tools.

Spark includes a resource kit with color pictures and reproducible pages organized to make teaching easier. 

Check Out Our Summer Curriculum: Summersalt

Summersalt is a missional curriculum that encourages children to live in Jesus' words from Matthew 5:13, "You are the salt of the earth." 

It includes:

  • 5 Downloadable sessions
  • preschool and children's options in one curriculum
  • 20 to 30 minute class timeframes

Flexible for use in VBS, Sunday School, day camp settings and more. Summersalt is affordably priced at $19.99. 

New Pricing!

Form and Spark are sold bi-monthly for $24.95 as downloadable PDF files — perfect for those seeking a more affordable teaching option. Printed versions continue to be available in limited quantities for $39.99 for congregations seeking the ease of a printed resource.

Downloadable videos are available to support each unit for $3.95.

Order online or by calling the CBF Store at (888)801-4223. Use your credit card and download the resources instantly.  Orders placed by invoice or for printed resources should expect 5-7 business days for delivery.

To receive mission education order reminders from the CBF Store, contact custserv@cbfstore.info.


  • If multiple teachers use the material, do I have to purchase multiple downloads? The curriculum is reproducible and may be shared among teachers/leaders within a single church.
  • May I burn the videos to DVDs? Yes you may.
  • Do I still have to purchase a media disc and picture pack? The resources that were once a part of the media disc and picture pak are being offered in new ways…the videos are now purchased individually and received as downloads; the picture pak photos are included in the curriculum download in the resource kit pages.
  • Can I order a years' worth of curriculum at once? Missions education material for the year cannot be ordered at once because of the automatic download feature when you purchase the curriculum with a credit card.  If you want to sign up for bi-monthly e-mail purchase reminders, send a request to custserv@cbfstore.info.
  • Why are there only 6 sessions in the August/September issue and will there be a lesson for every week in the future editions? For August/September we offered a “shorter” issue because many churches don’t start the first week in August and they may offer a kick-off Wednesday so 6 lessons is enough for getting started. Future issues will feature 4 or 5 weekly sessions per unit.


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