Melody & Sam Harrell

HarrellsMinistry Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Bio: The Harrells both call the United States and Africa home, and are CBF field personnel as well as leadership for Africa Exchange. Sam is also adjunct faculty at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and Mercer University. Sam focuses on community development and capacity building, while Melody is trained in early childhood development and spiritual formation. Sam is interested in appropriate technology and sustainable development, and Melody enjoys visual arts and poetry. They are both Enneagram practitioners.

Commissioned: 1999
The Harrells wanted to build on the change they have seen through previous feeding projects, agriculture advances and education initiatives. While government-sponsored primary school has been free for children since 2002, pre-school and kindergarten programs are not or are not available in rural areas. Seeing a need, the Harrells launched Change for Children with the hope that the centers would give children a head start in school and also help marginalized communities.
In Kenya, the Harrells have created Change for Children because the construction of eight integrated child development centers around Kenya has the potential to better the lives of the nearly 650 children, ranging in age from 3 to 6, who will attend the schools this year.
“Those who follow after Jesus will recall how he often welcomed children. He also said that it would be better not to have been born than to cause harm to come to a child,” said Sam. “Unfortunately, children as a group, remain among the most vulnerable, marginalized and neglected sectors of the human family.”
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