Coordinator of Global Missions


TITLE:  Coordinator of Global Missions


DEPARTMENT: Global Missions

RESPONSIBILITY: Stimulate CBF churches and partners to forge and promote a shared vision for missional engagement that will seek to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). To network, empower and mobilize Baptist Christians and churches for effective global missions, emphasizing strategic partnerships with other Christians and encouraging innovative and creative approaches in holistic ministry.

REPORTS TO: Executive Coordinator

RELATES TO: CBF staff and Global Missions field personnel, CBF Missions Council, CBF state and regional leadership, BWA staff, national Baptist convention leadership, mission leadership of other denominations

SUPERVISES: Director of Field Ministries; Director of Global Missions Operations/Administration; Together for Hope Manager

LOCATION: CBF National Office, 160 Clairemont Rd, Suite 500, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Network, empower, and mobilize Baptist Christians and churches for effective global missions
1. Coordinate efforts to mobilize local churches and coach their members to be on mission in their local settings as well as with cooperative global missions endeavors.  (30 %).

  1. Lead the global mission visioning process for Fellowship Baptists.
  2. Encourage congregations and individuals toward global mission engagement.
  3. Connect individuals and churches to resources (field personnel, networks, etc.)
  4. Identify new ministry and mission possibilities for CBF global missions.
  5. Help raise funds to support missionaries and their efforts to share the gospel with all the peoples of the earth.

Support and guide all field ministries in setting strategic priorities for their work.

2.         Empower field personnel (students, volunteers, and field personnel) and global missions staff for effective global missions, including assuring team process, nurture and support, and assessment (30 %).

  1. Supervise Director of Field Ministries in his/her duties.
  2. Supervise Director of Global Missions Operations/Administration in his/her duties.
  3. Supervise Together for Hope Manager in his/her duties.
  4. Work with global partners to contribute to their own efforts to communicate the gospel in culturally appropriate ways in their own settings.

3. Initiate, develop and maintain relationships with other Christian ministries and with other faith groups (10 %).

  1. Participate in national & international conferences
  2. Encourage partnerships and other cooperative mission ventures.
  3. Coordinate efforts among partner educational institutions to educate missionary candidates and to provide for their orientation and pre-field training.
  4. Coordinate research with other missionary sending entities to discern the presence of populations that need to be engaged by a Christian witness.
  5. Represent CBF and maintain leadership with other faith groups and to lead interfaith cooperation among CBF Global Missions.

Support the work of the executive coordinator and elected leadership of CBF in shaping and promoting the CBF organization.
4.         Encourage the full integration of global missions with other CBF initiative areas (10%).

  1. Direct the creation of an annual budget and administer that annual budget.
  2. Make provisions for adequate staffing.
  3. Review structure and recommend alteration of structure for more effective global mission engagement.
  4. Serve as member of Leadership Team.
  5. Attend and serve as resource to the Governing Board and Missions Council.

5.         Relate to Missions Council (10%).

  1. Work closely with the Missions Council to provide cohesive vision, strategy, education, sustainability.
  2. Report, recommend and interpret mission information for policy-making and other decisions.
  3. Serve as primary liaison between Missions Council and both office and field staff:

6.         Perform other duties as assigned (10%).

INDEPENDENCE: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10

EDUCATION: College and graduate degree required with appropriate doctoral degree preferred. 

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of ten years experience in similar field.  Experience in supervision, visioning and personnel and project management.  Familiarity with missions endeavors.

SKILLS: Exemplary Christian character and integrity with commitment to the mission of CBF.
                Good decision-making abilities.
                Exceptional leadership skills.
                Ability to communicate well in congregations and among other constituents.
                Commitment to protect confidential information.
                Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
                Ability to interface professionally with all levels both inside and outside CBF.
                Capable of multi-tasking and prioritizing.
                Complex organizational skills
                Creative and strategic thinker
                Extensive, but strategic, travel is expected

COMMITMENT: The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is a fellowship of Baptist Christians and churches who share a passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and a commitment to Baptist principles of faith and practice. The work of this position exists to further this CBF commitment.

Inquiries and resumes should be sent to Allison Tennyson, director of human resources, or 770-220-1608.

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