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A Non-Christian’s Advice on How to do Missions
When it comes to mission strategy and outreach, I have taken classes, attended conferences, and read books.  I have encouraged churches to give generously to mission support and to become more missional by seeing their community as a mission field.  In all these hours of learning and advocating about missions, most of the time I was in dialogue with other Christians.  Recently, I ran across in a book, by Brian McLaren, a story that told of a very interesting dialogue between a missionary and a non-Christian on how to do missions.   The dialogue occurred in the past century.  It was between Gandhi and E. Stanley Jones.
Jones was a professor at Asbury Seminary before answering the call to become a Methodist missionary in India.  He became friends with Gandhi, a Hindu.  Out of that friendship Jones wrote a biography of Gandhi.  On one occasion Jones asked Gandhi what the church needed to do to become a force for the uplift and redemption in India.  Gandhi gave the following four things that the church needed to do in India:

  • Christians needed to live more like Jesus
  • Christians needed to practice their faith without adulterating or toning it down
  • Christians needed  put their emphasis upon love
  • Christians needed to study non-Christian religions and cultures more sympathetically recognizing the good in them, so that Christians would have a more sympathetic attitude toward non-Christians
  • I’m not sure if I gotten any better advice in all the classes I took, conferences I attended, or books I read.  This is the basic foundation upon which we need to build our mission work abroad and in our own communities.   It is good to gain these insights from one who is on the other side of our mission efforts, and I suspect that we all need to engage in more of this type of conversations with non-Christians.

Bill Leonard speaking at Brite Seminary, March 18

Bill Leonard will be bringing several presentations on how the church can best minister in our culture. The conference will be at Brite Divinity School on the campus of TCU in Ft. Worth. The event is being sponsored by CBF TX in collaboration with the Baptist Studies Program at Brite. Two sessions are open to the public to hear Leonard: Chapel services at 11:00 a.m. on the topic The Things that make for Freedom and during the evening 7:00-9:00 p.m. on the topic Joel Osteen, "Nones," and the Non-Denominationalizing of American Religion.

Suzii Paynter CBF Tour in Texas, March 24-28

During the week of March 24-28, 2014 Suzii Paynter will be making a major tour of Texas.  During the tour she will be speaking about what is going on in CBF.  The schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday, March 24—Suzii will be in Waco at Truett Seminary speaking for the Women in Ministry Conference. For more information about the conference go to

Monday, March 24—Suzii will have dinner with pastors in the Waco area. Contact Erin Conaway for more details 254-753-6425

Tuesday, March 25—Suzii will be at a noon luncheon in Agape Baptist Church, Ft. Worth. Make your meal reservation with Fran Patterson between March 1-18 and pay at the door. Fran may be reached at 817-336-5761 or .

Tuesday, March 25—Suzii will be speaking at 6:00 p.m. dinner in Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church, Dallas. Make your meal reservation with Maribel Paz between March 1-19 and pay at the door. Maribel may be reached at 972-857-9707, ext. 5113 or

Wednesday, March 26— Suzii will be at a noon luncheon in South Main Baptist Church, Houston. Make your meal reservation with Amy Grizzle Kane between March 1-20 and pay at the door. Amy may be reached at 713-301-2909 or .

Wednesday, March 26 —Suzii will be speaking at 6:00 p.m. at Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston.

Thursday March 27—Suzii will be speaking at a noon luncheon in Woodland Baptist Church, San Antonio. Make your meal reservation with Rick McClatchy between March 1-20 and pay at the door. Rick may be reached at 210-488-8169 or .

Friday March 28— Suzii will be speaking at a noon luncheon in Woodlawn Baptist Church, Austin. Make your meal reservation with Kim between March 1-20 and pay at the door. Kim may be reached at 512-442-7858 or .

Maston Lectures March 31-April 1

On Monday afternoon March 31, as part of the Maston Lectures hosted at Logsdon Seminary, CBF TX will sponsor an early session on how churches can be advocates to shape public policy. Presenters for CBF will be Roger and Suzii Paynter. Roger will speak about the role of the local church in shaping public policy, and Suzii will speak to the issue from the perspective of our denominational life. The featured speaker for the Maston Lectures will be Hulitt Gloer, Professor from Truett Seminary.
CBF TX New Contractors

CBF TX hired seven part-time contractors to work in 2014 to make over 150 face-to-face contacts with congregational leaders.  Their task is to collect contact info for the church’s staff leaders, to conduct a short survey, and to inform church leaders about the ministries and missions of CBF.  The contractors are four of our CBF church planters—Wesley Craig, John Norwood, Kyle Tubbs, and Bob Cheatheam.   Joining them will be Lester Meriwether of Literacy Connexus and two CBF field personnel, Alan and Verr Dean Williams.

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