Poverty and Transformation

1.2 million people globally live on $1 a day or less. When you give in support of Poverty and Transformation ministries, you facilitate clean water projects, care for children in poverty-stricken communities and alleviate hunger. Your gift of any amount to Project 88602 will help meet the Fellowship’s most pressing needs in this area.

Browse life-changing gifts by specific ministry areas or give directly to the Mission Community to be used where it's needed most.

Poverty and Transformation

  • $25.00 each Most Pressing Poverty and Transformation Ministry Needs

Camps for Children and Youth

  • $15.00 each One week at A2J
  • $60.00 each A month at A2J
  • $130.00 each Week-long Break Camp
  • $250.00 each Programs and Events at the Center of Hope in Uganda
  • $2,500.00 each Sponsors one child in year-round children's programming

Food for the Hungry

  • $5.00 each Meal for refugee family (Chicken or Fish)
  • $10.00 each Meal for refugee family (Sack of potatoes or Rice)
  • $15.00 each Meal for a migrant worker in Morocco
  • $18.00 each Meal for a refugee family resettling in Texas
  • $20.00 each Meal for a migrant worker or family Living in poverty in Belgium
  • $25.00 each Food box for at-risk family
  • $30.00 each Start-up kit to plant an urban farm
  • $100.00 each One-month supply of food


  • $10.00 each Warm socks, gloves and a hat for a Roma student
  • $10.00 each A shirt and pants for an ophan or runaway child
  • $25.00 each Clothes for a child at the orphanage
  • $100.00 each Basic supplies to a Latino community service project

Food for Children

  • $5.00 each A week's worth of snacks for one preschool student
  • $15.00 each Lunch for one month for a child
  • $18.00 each Powdered formula for a newborn
  • $20.00 each One day of meals for an orphan
  • $20.00 each Milk for an infant for one week


  • $25.00 each Clean water for one person for 5 years
  • $500.00 each Water Well for a rural Village

Support a Child in Need

  • $75.00 each Four brand new gifts at Christmas Store
  • $20.00 each Blanket for a Dom orphan
  • $25.00 each A Month of food, clothes, shelter and medical care for a child

Support for Families

  • $30.00 each One night's stay in an RV park for mobile ministry
  • $50.00 each Gas for 100 miles for the mobile ministries

Support for Women

  • $25.00 each Crochet starter kits for the women of LUCHA Ministries
  • $200.00 each Art supplies for women healing from domestic violence
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