Arville & Shelia Earl

Arville & Shelia Earl

Skopje, Macedonia

Hometowns: Marshall and Gilmer,Texas 

Commissioned: 1994

The Earls reside in Skopje, Macedonia. Arville works to reconcile ethnic groups among Albanians, Macedonians, Turks and the Romany Gypsies. Through fellowship, Arville facilitates communication about divisive issues, helping people understand one another and seek reconciliation.

“Reconciliation doesn’t happen on a large scale – it happens person to person and in small groups, which is how we direct our ministry rather than trying to reconcile the whole nation,” Arville said.

The focus of Shelia’s ministry is the “Future of the Family” kindergarten, which offers a free education to children in need and classes for their parents.

“In the beginning we noticed that the parents, especially the women, had little social contact with each other and the outside world,” said Shelia. “They have learned to trust us and we think that’s the basis for reconciliation. Trust is the most important element, and it seems that they are more able to trust God again when they trust us and one another.”

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